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Earth Arcade

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Earth Arcade 2008




Earth Arcade III

The environmentally themed games arcade created by environmental education organisation Sticky Exhibits returns for a third year with some new features and old favourites:


The Glastonbury Wishing Bog - Make a wish in the mystic dish fitted with a bell and sound effects - an old favourite and popular photo opportunity!


Three Rs Pinball - A revamped pin ball game to promote the 3 Rs - Reduce Reuse Recycle. Your ball is a proxy for a resource. You must try and keep it in play as long as possible. Score points for hitting the targets in traditional pin ball style. At the very top of the table 'Reduce' targets score high, in the middle 'Reuse' is the message; and at the bottom 'Recycle'. If your ball goes out of play it is 'wasted'.  The 3 Rs pin table was so popular last year we have had to completely rebuild it for 2010!


The Climate Denial Brainwasher - Completely new for 2010, the brainwasher offers festival goers to 'cleanse the brain of manufacturered confusion'.  Take time out sitting under the Climate Denial Brainwasher listening to peer reviewed science set to relaxing music as a tonic to the growing misinformation of the climate denial industry! 


Waste Binvaders - Some ideas from a well known '80s arcade classic are cleaned up, reused and recycled to make a fun 21st Century educational shoot' um up!  Legions of waste binvaders and wheelie binvaders drop litter and recyclable materials on to our recycling crew.  Sweep away the falling little, but catch the recyclables before the place gets clogged up in waste!




Change Machine -What good would an Earth Arcade be without Change:  A recycled robot head encourages arcade visitors to change.


Do come and join us at the Earth Arcade for some solar powered fun!

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