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Welcome to Glastonbury 2010 - The Green Fields Information Wikipeadia.



"Love the Farm, Leave no Trace"



Hi, this site is to help you find your way around:-

The Green Fields of Glastonbury this year.



Follow the links to each of the Green Fields.

The field pages have lists of the stalls, stages, speakers, exhibits, workshops, participants etc. in that field.

Many participants then have a link to their own page where you will find information about them as well as their timetable/schedule.




Green Futures Field


The Croissant Neuf Field


Craft Field


Green Kids Field




Theatre and Circus Field


Healing Field


Tipi Field


The Sacred Space  (King's Meadow)


 Avalon Field





 Free thinking prevails in the Green Fields, where creativity, community and co-operation turn into beautiful things. This enchanting area still encapsulates the essence of the spirit and ideals which inspired the early Pilton festivals. The colour of the skyline filled with peace flags, wind generators and trees will entice you to the Green Fields. Green ideas and innovations, colourful crafts, fair trade and children’s fun are all represented in this complex network of small fields that follow the contours of this great site. The Green Fields bring together what’s best in enthusiasm, creativity and shared ideas, representing every aspect of caring, for yourself and this small world. The greens are not quiet about politics, they believe passionately about peace and the planet. Some of the greatest purveyors of social justice alive today can be found in the Green Fields. We encourage spiritual values and political beliefs and offer a blueprint for living in sympathy with other beings that inhabit our earth. We all face conflicts and problems on a daily basis, but in a small yet important way, we can take steps to overcome these obstacles. By living together with compassion and understanding we can learn not only to respect but appreciate the value of our differences. The Green Fields labyrinth holds something for everyone. Begin in the Greenpeace Field, where the heavy footprints of humanity are being understood and responded to. Join up and spread awareness of the earth’s plight or just enjoy yourself. You will find entertainments, great adventure and daring for all ages including the mountaineering wall and a giant ship for kids to clamber over plus a wealth of activity in the Green Kids’ area. Through the tunnel discover the delights of all that is possible in the Green Futures Field, with campaigns, politics, entertainment, music, poetry, astrology, sustainable living, ideas to enhance world peace and harmony, themes that we can all adopt in our own lifestyles. The holistic delights of natural healing are in the Healing Field. There you can meditate, awaken spiritual awareness, find new therapies, sing, dance and have fun. The Craft Field offers interactive workshops including ancient crafts and masonry skills, musical instrument making and much more. Music can be found on the Croissant Neuf Stage, the Field of Avalon, in the Glade, and at various smaller venues including The Tadpole and Small World, whilst the Lost Vagueness Field offers off-the-wall entertainment of all kinds. Delicious vegetarian food and interesting wares are on sale in our ethically aware markets. The Tipi Field brings your feet back to the ground with more simple living. Here you can enjoy gentle chants, story telling and rituals. Moving up to the top of the Green Fields, The King's Meadow - a sacred space. Here you can observe the sheer wonder of the entire festival. Take time to unwind amidst the beautiful sculptures or find a quiet space for reflection. As you savour the atmosphere of our eco-friendly fields, we hope you will find something in our simple message to take away with you.

















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