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Green Futures Field

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The Greens Are Rising


It has been a long time coming but saving the planet and the environment has finally made an impact into the way we live our lives !


We know that its the way we live, the way we act

and the way we teach our children that going to make all the difference in the future!


The Green Futures Field has pioneered a green approach since its

conception in 1989. it is a fantastic space full of ideas  and promise, full of colour , family friendly and full of fun.

Everywhere there is edutainment, renewable energy , music, dance ,love and good vibes, wholesome cafes, the best that nature can offer!


Within the fie:-

Permaculture Area,

Speakers Forum,

Small World Stage,

Sun Worshippers Planetarium,

Speakers Forum,

Mandala Stage,

Astrologers Area,

The Tin Village,

Travelling Observatory,

Avalon Archaeology,

The Rinky Dink Mobile Sound System,

Electric Shadow House,


Circus to Iraq,

The Tadpole Stage,  

Groovy Movie Picture House,


Low Impact Dwellings,

Creative Recycling,

Earth Arcade III with Sticky Exhibits,

Paragon Arts,

Floating Lotus,

Stone Circle workshops,


Cyclean Pedal Laundrette,

The Butterfly Effect,

Tat for Tibet,



Tools for Self Reliance,



A Host of Ethical Stalls– Green Art,

The Living Henge,

Renewable Street,

Animal Aid

Children’s workshops…

Green Fields Information Point.


With entertainment galore – our colourful field celebrates 40 years of

Glastonbury in style. This year the field will literally be buzzing with

life and excitement.


And all vegetarian food …….. The Lunched Out Lizards, Permaculture Kitchen, Henrys Beard, The Meadow Steiner School, Brixton Tea Party, Veggies Catering and The Little Burmese Tea Shop.


The Venues


The Mandala Stage (find us near the permaculture corner)

From its Dave Goodman origins the Mandala provides pedal power pervasiveness.

with acts all through  from Seize the Day to late night Cabaret

Special thanks to Tribal Voices.


Groovy Movie Picture House (we are at the front of the field)

Britain’s first mobile solar powered cinema. A full programme of contempory , environmental, arts and revolutionary films.


Speakers Forum (in the beautiful pink petal marquee by the tunnel to the Greenpeace field)

Meet Britain’s first new Green MP Caroline Lucas. Veteran Socialist Tony

Benn and even members of the new cabinet. Covering a spectrum of issues from

Transition towns to Anti Bullying. Now workshops and talks from Wednesday to Sunday.


Small World Stage (near camping field entrance)

This fabulously popular solar venue promotes some of the best acts on the Festie circuit

The first stage in Glastonbury for acts like Nizlopi and Martha Tilston . this year it looks like we are in for a real treat!


The Tadpole  (centre of the field)

One Of Glastonbury’s brightest venues (lighting by Coltek DIY power) . this stage is absolutely packed with acts (specially after the main stages close!)

In the morning learn Eastern Drum and Dance, early evening  join in with the mega jams, free party clothes at night.

Green Futures Festival Radio provide a live internet studio. Mouth watering refreshments from the local Meadow Steiner school.




Sam Hermitage and Jean Vidler




Participants with links include:-  


Groovy Movie Picture House


Tadpole Stage


Green Fields Information


Mandala Stage


Speakers forum                                             


Rinky Dink


Small World 




Travelling Observatory


Earth Arcade 111


Help us by making the transition into to a post-carbon world, taking into account peak oil and climate change along the way. So enjoy the festival and leave no trace.


This year the field will have its share of solutions both usual and unusual so join in with us for a quick tour in words of what promises to be the most vitally important field you may ever visit.



Jean Vidler

Kingston Environment Centre

24 hour solar powered webcasts


one to watch


kingsnorth climate camp & police brutality










Welcome to the Green Futures Field 2008. Where you have made the right decision for a better future.






With our fantastic new layout this year it seems only right that at the entrance (and as a prelude) to the world of a green future, stands the Wishing Tree . Now grown to dizzy heights with the wishes of thousands of festival goers Wishing tree wishes a bright happy green future for all!


There are so many choices in the Green Futures Field. We

hope to show just some of the things to look forward to.






As we plug in to the festivals natural friend - the weather - we will

demonstrate the technologies, the ideas and the actions for a better world.


Greenfields Information

The first stop for that essential green info . Find out the latest news from the Greenfields. find information by the new archway entrance. Or look up www.myspace.com/greenfieldsinfo


Whats in the Green Futures Field?

Green Architecture, Eden Project, Henrys Beard Café, Permaculture Area, Low Impact Initiatives, Storytellers , Rinky Dink, Random Soup Arts, Wheel of Astrologers, Wishing Tree, Rubbish DJs, Norwich Animal Aid, Sticky Exhibits, Canal Futures, the Little Burmese Tea Shop, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Sustainergy, Creative Recycling – Ailgylchu Creadigol, Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, Actionwork (Anti Bullying), Paragon, Travellers Aid Trust, Circus 2 Iraq, Pedalability, Aeolian,Harps, Meadow Steiner School, Timber Intent, Coltek, Blue Solar, Tat for Tibet  Zia Solar, Floating Lotus, Comfy Crappers (compost toilets) LGBT Heritage, War on Want, Mean Feet Dance. Veggies, Café Sanctuaire, Cyclean (Pedal Powered Laundrette),





A time of new beginnings, stuff we dreamed about will soon come into reality,


The Music Stages


With five renewably powered venues we combine a crucial mix of engineers, artists, vocalists, dancers. movers and chakra shakers. What better way to round the cycle of your day than in the perfect chill out.


The world famous multi-layered Tadpole venue proudly presents the finest  entertainment ever dreamed of.

Small world The festival worlds most eclectic venue will continue to enchant groove and inspire.

Mandala. Inspired by the legendary Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman. This is a pedal powered music stage.

Green Fuse The new and most delicately arty venue, open mike and acoustic






Rinky Dink conveyers of all that can be conveyed. will continue to be ‘out there’ with a very real blend of human powered entertainment.



Speakers Forum



The field boasts the second to none speaking venue of the festival. Get up close and relaxed in the Speakers Forum tent. We present a, full programme capturing every mood & every issue. Speakers will include comedian Mark Thomas and his bittersweet social commentary and our very own Michael Eavis to tell you all about the farm, festival history and reveal the insider gossip.


Planetarium Travelling Observatory and the Sun Worshipers

For a solar powered solar system


Possible future and past states of our Earth can be understood by studying other planets in our solar system. Indeed that is how the concept of Gaia as a beautifully self regulating system was first appreciated by scientists.

Why is mars a complete desert, what causes the intense heat on Venus? You will want to find out more in our  planetarium and the travelling observatory.


Climate Change and action





August 2007 saw the Climate Camp outside of Heathrow airport highlighting the footprint of the Aviation industry which affects us all. See the images from the exhibition of this pivotal event & appreciate the artists who have devised  new ways to express & communicate the effects of Climate Change.


Practical Renewable Energy Workshops (in the Mandala Tent)

With Bob Robarts, Thursday  Friday  and Saturday 10am to 12.30pm.



Groovy Movie Picture House

The Groovy Movie Picture House - Solar Cinema.

The World's First Mobile Solar Powered Cinema celebrates 11 years of presenting independent and underground film screenings at Glastonbury festival.

Highlights include the Green Screen Carbon Neutral Film Festival, the Solar Cinema video selectors, Junk TV, Iconcious, Live video remixing from the Vjamm Allstars, Live multimedia comedy from Hattie Hatstar and the famous Groovy Movie Multimedia Cabaret. 21st century, interactive, underground cinema, with a host of special guests and surprises from the world of alternative video.



Or you may prefer to learn the future from the ancients in our earth lodges with storytelling & archaeology. Take a deep breath ad get to grips with that fantastic state of the mind – The Now.




Find out more at www.greenfuturesfestivals.org.uk

Have a fantastic sunny festival

Sam and Jean.










Message from the Green Futures Field





We believe that linking up and sharing ideas and knowledge is vital and can shape our futures in a sustainable way. Join us to have a go at understanding the realities behind climate change and why a reduction in CO2 emissions is so important (even for big festivals like Glastonbury).

Throughout the field are vibrant examples of the practical steps available to everyone who wants to make a difference.

We will provide an opportunity to find out about what’s new in current green technologies and even meet some of the people behind the concepts.


The new renamed ‘green impact area’ will be bubbling with such ideas and showing the latest in green building designs and strategies.

Follow the Green Way. Not just to find the green futures field. But to find a true path to a green lifestyle.


If you are interested in independently powering your home, shed, or workspace with renewable (stand alone ) energy systems there are many working examples on the Green Futures field. Mingling with the wind turbines, photovoltaics and pedal systems are great community arts pieces, projects and sculptures. In the great traditions of the green fields all these will be combining to provide the greatest green show ever.

Promising quality live and chilled entertainment until the early hours the Green Futures field boasts many small intimate venues (inc the Tadpole, mandala and Small World. The daring, the obscure, the dubious and the next big thing are all in the mix somewhere.

The Green futures field is not just about entertainment its also about ‘ edutainment’. Boasting  the finest range of daytime activities that can be found at any festival including workshops on dance, music and renewable energy.

To widen he mind our Speakers forum will feature talks on relevant issues and you are welcome to contribute your ideas. There will be full programmes of poetry and film. Natural plants and systems displayed in the Permaculture will illustrate that living a harmonious life without creating mountains of waste is within our power as humans. You will also be inspired by our storytellers in the Earth Lodge who will run workshops to teach you to tell good stories yourself. You may also find your character from the finest contemporary astrologers.

We nurture strange structures in the Green Futures Field: Yurts, round houses, tensile tents, geodesic domes, earth shelters, all demonstrating that we people may choose to leave no trace. Against the common grain we say you can live minimally but also lead fulfilling lives.

In miniature on this field we host a great peaceful clash of cultures, a respectful if noisy learn-in, the world in conversation with itself.

Something we will be asking you, our visitors, to do is pledge not to travel by aircraft for one year. Petitions, demonstrations and the like are all very well but there is nothing like living carbon free.




Sam Hermitage & Jean Vidler

Around and about in the Green Futures Field






Sticky Exhibits.  A lending library for exhibits, props and interactives for promoting environmental awareness and education for sustainable development.  www.stickyexhibits.co.uk



Creative Recycling – Ailgylchu Creadigol.    a gallery of creative recycling (tables, chairs, mirrors, trays, bird boxes, plant holders, wood burners) And a display of the reuses of plastic bottles.



The Travellers Art Gallery will be back again with its’ bizarre art collection and an utterly rubbish fashion show on Saturday night – so don’t chuck yer rubbish out, wear it out!




Tools for Self Reliance Cymru Hands on displays (inc blacksmithing and tool repairs continuing to supply areas in Africa with badly needed recycled tools  www.tfsrcymru.org.uk




Circus to Iraq  will be providing an Apartheid Wall,


covered in images from Israel and Palestine, and some


graffiti!!!  www.circus2iraq.org




Paragon These zany promoters of recycled art sculpture and renewable energy will be bringing some of their newest friends


Including Super Squishy Squid and Selma the sea monster.




Groovy Movie Picture House. See film makers at all levels The cinema is quirky, cosy, comfortable, informal, intimate and friendly. providing the ideal space to road test films in front of a receptive festival audience - including many who would not necessarily attend film festivals. www.groovymovie.biz




Undercurrents. Resembling a TV chat show, undercurrents ‘Alternative News at Ten’ will be presented by Elvis Preseli, the only Welsh speaking bald Elvis impersonator.


The entertaining and informative show will be hosted in Groovy Movie Picture House each evening. www.undercurrents.org




Norwich Animal Aid  Daily children’s  painting workshops.  These will run continuously throughout each day (Wednesday - Sunday) from 10am to 6pm.




Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Based in their Nuclear Shelter’ tent  will be providing regular workshops, theatre and displays to make the clear message that Nuclear weapons are by no means fun. Topics including nuclear power and climate change, depleted uranium, non-violent direct action, Trident replacement and more. Run by experienced CND speakers. www.cnduk.org




Cyclean.  The new revolution in washing will be providing a full Laundrette . Get rid of those muddy splashes and return home immaculate . All done by pedal power! www.cyclean.biz




Canal futures.


A vital link for many boat people, past, present and future. Promoting a vitally important  green community living on the waterways of Great Britain, and beyond.  Informing and uniting people on the issues affecting the waterways,  We show that boats are a perfect example for sustainable power systems, and low impact living.




Actionwork. Actionwork will provide a series of creative arts based sessions for adults and children to explore, tackle and challenge issues of bullying. In addition to raising awareness these sessions will provide participants with skills to help them deal with bullying situations, whether they are a bully, a bullied person or a bystander of bullying. These sessions will be run by professional anti-bullying creative arts practitioners.  www.actionwork.com




Friends, Families and Travellers Trust


Promoting the work of the Trust, Friends, Families and Travellers and the Community Law Partnership. A number of important national and regional projects would be featured as previously.






Green Information Supporting the work of all green fields participants. www.myspace.com/greenfieldsinfo



The Eden Project Straight from their exciting complex in Cornwall. The edens will be providing an exciting interactive trailer . along with a 16 foot Yurt to run the Earthling workshop. www.edenproject.com



Avalon Archaeology.  as part of the environmental archaeology theme we could show how different soils preserve artefacts in

different ways and focus on preservation of organic material in peat as on the Somerset Levels. As an example of this we will be

reconstructing a short portion of the 'Sweet Track' outside our round house.




The Camp for Climate Action  Last year the camp set up by the Drax power station a large and serious contributor to Britain’s CO2 emissions. Find out more and how to get involved . They will also be giving practical workshops on climate science and sustainable technologies. www.climatecamp.org.uk




Speakers Forum.  Glastonbury festivals own Forum. With workshops and talks on all current issues. From climate change to The war on terror . An excellent range of topics with top quality speakers. Including Tony Benn, The Ethical Man and of course our  very own Michael Eavis.  www.greenfuturesfestivals.org.uk/speakers.html




The Wishing Tree .  Solar powered tree ever growing and containing thousands of wishes on beautiful fluorescent card






Random Soup. Bizarre (recycled) exhibits by David Merga





Earth Lodge.  A simple yet sizeable wooden structure based on traditional hurdle making crafts, light and movable too.




Storytellers  Myths, fairy stories, tall tales and legends romp around  these storytellers who have perfected the art of activating your imagination – no electronic aids necessary






Zia Solar


With an in depth understanding of the nature of electricity, allied with a excellent technical skills Simo of Zia Solar is a great asset to the renewables scene. He has a wonderful stock of everything needed to make a working small scale renewables system.






Bicycle powered phone recharging centre.




Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)


A full programme of workshops , displays and shear renewable expertise. What are the renewable options for the home? Direct access to the CAT engineers






Rinky Dink


For many Rinky Dink is the essence of pedal power systems. Seen at parties, festivals, demonstrations the intricate mobile pedal power children’s disco has also featured on TV and film. Always bringing happiness and sweet music.








Since 1992  one corner of the field has been allowed exclusively for permaculture design and experimentation


The area features as many of the principles of this developing science design as can be fitted in. It  includes a Mandala garden, guilds, companion planting, pick and pluck, a pond walk, the seven layers and many other strange features. There is always someone to help you understand what is going on in this special garden and explain the much wider applications of the ideas. www.permaculture.org.uk






Meadow Steiner School






Timber Intent


High tensile low carbon concepts




Coltek discarded machinery has got its uses. Their creations include demonstration electronic displays, wind turbines, lighting and sound systems.



Craig Power


Serious sunpower to the Tadpole








Cafe Sanctuaire,

Henry's Beard Festival Café,










Green Futures Festivals Co Ltd

Monkey House


28 Gibbon Road


Kingston Upon Thames








Tel 020 8546 5202











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