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Green Kids Field

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Where kids just want to have fun.    


The Green Kids Area is sited at the back half of the Greenpeace Field and will be open from 8am till 9pm each day.  It is an independent area, run directly by the Green Fields.  


All activities in the Green Kids Field are free of charge.  The area includes a children’s Performance Marquee, a children’s Art and Craft Marquee (see the notice boards for specific times of workshops), and smaller craft tents and many outside activities.   There will be activities and events to amuse and entertain children of all ages and a café and picnic area provided by Cat In The Hat.  Activities for this year include a Book Club; Mr Brown’s Pig Puppets, and plenty of walkabouts, Drama workshops, and Mr. Pineapple Head.   The DJ Workshops (for children over 8), and Dynamix and are all back this year, as well as Captain Barnacle, and wonderous walkabouts and shows by Wishworks.   There will be plenty of making things, watching things, joining in things, games and story telling;  We have giant origami, felt making, sand sculpting, and all manner or arts and creativity, and the magical Camera Obscura to amuse and delight.   In the New games arena we have board games, sock wrestling, Dynamix, and circus skills.   New to the area are Guerrilla Geography – finding out about how we effect our environment in a totally new way, Dark Age Jewellery making, and Banana Fish Crafts.  We start each morning in the Performance marquee with Gymnastics, and Tai Chi for Kids. 


The New Ark - Cadmus

We have a new ship in the Green Kids Area - . The CADMUS, based on the design for an ancient Ark.   It will be “manned” from 8am to 9pm each day, and can only be used during these times.  The rules of the Ark are as follows:- no children under the age of five; no climbing on the outside of the frame; no jumping off it; no smoking, drinking or glass bottles to be brought onto it;  and no interfering with the play of other children.  Between 8am and 7pm each day the frame is for the use of five to 14 year olds only, from 7pm to 9pm it’s for 14 to 17 year olds and adults.


Lost Kids Tent

Parents are responsible for their children at all times during the Festival.  However, beside the Ark at the top of the field is a Lost Kids Tent where staff can provide help for any child who is lost, or for any adult who has lost a child.  The tent will be open from 9am till 6pm.  At other times, simply find a steward who can direct you to the 24-hour on site lost kids/welfare system.  


Toddler Area

An enclosed space for the very little ones, it includes a sandpit, little teepees, soft toys, games, stories and a shady space for resting and quiet times.    






























11.00 - 12 Tai Chi for Kids

11.00 – 12  Tai Chi for Kids


11.00 – 12  Tai Chi for kids

12.30 – 1.30 Wishworks Puppet Fairy Tales


12.30 - 1.30 Wishworks Puppet Fairy Tales

12.30  – 1.30 Wishworks
Puppet Fairy Tales

2 – 4 - D.J Skills workshops (minimum age 8)


2 – 4 D.J Skills workshops (minimum age 8)


4.30 Mr. Pineapple Head – “Thrills, Spills and Funnyaches”.


4.30 Mr. Pineapple Head – “Thrills, Spills and Funnyaches”.

3.30 Mr. Pineapple Head – “Thrills, Spills and Funnyaches”.

5.30 STORYTIME – Dragons Tales



Mystery and Intrigue 


Demons and Spooks



Dynamix – Wonderful ….environmental games for children of all ages

Big Games and Sock Wrestling in the Arena

Old Fashioned Games for all to enjoy

Circus Skills, Hula Hoops and Spacehoppers

Elaborate Theatre - Magical walkabouts

Captain Barnacle -  The (un)trusty pirate

The Tale of Two Trees – Listen to their tales of Woe

Impromptu Stories under the Oak Tree – for all to enjoy


ARTS AND CRAFTS –  marquees (see blackboards for specific times) 

Banana Fish Crafts.  (Own marquee - where Fairyland went last year).    

Felt Making – Flowers and Things  -  Craft mq

Dark Age Jewellery and Amulets  - Craft mq

Giant Origami – Craft mq

Pottery and Play with Clay  -   marquee 1.                  

Sand Sculpting  -   marquee 1.

Guerrilla Geography  - marquee 2

Annie Bonnie – “The fortunes of Anne Bonnie, The Pirate Queen.  A miniature re-enactment using scenery, model ships and Napoleonic figures”. - marquee 2




Check the time by the Sundial and marvel in the Camera Obscura.                   

Cat in The Hat  kid-friendly café.

Pirate Games on The Cadmus, our new and beautiful Ark.  Come and meet the boatbuilders.

Book Club – come and read to your heart’s content.

The Tardis – loads of good advice available for saving the people and the planet.

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