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Healing Field

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The Healing Area is more than the festivals chill out field:


 Here you can relax in one of the mystical and creative gardens and have a chilled healing session but also you can actively take part in any of the FREE workshops that happen all over the Area ALL DAY LONG.


Explore the world of Healing:-

Have a new experience in the Self Help Massage Dome -learn how to give and receive various forms of Massage and other Healings.


In the Yoga Marquee sessions from a wide range yogic approaches, a Workshop Dome dedicated to Singing, Dance & Shamanic, and Domes dedicated to Tai Chi/Chi Gung, Soft Martial Arts & Meditation/Inner Development. Plus a Healing Arts Workshop Dome.

You could have a treatment with one of the skilled healers who are working for Donations or be involved in a healing event, performance or ceremony

Or just hang out and meet an exciting blend of people who are involved in many spiritual paths.


The HEALERS INFORMATION CENTRE in the middle of the field, is the place to go to find a healer - a GENERAL INFORMATION Yurt is at the entrance to the Healing Field if you need assistance.


The theme of the field demonstrates how Healing offers a complete experience to help maintain an inner peace and happiness. It is about developing healing qualities within each of us. We honour the elements, so the field becomes a giant Elemental Mandala – an elemental dance, each element holding and expressing a distinct quality of Healing. A major part of our life’s journey is to bring out the higher qualities of each element, and create a harmony between them, both in our-selves & in society. So come, explore, receive & give your own healing energy. Help create an amazing field


The FIRE CIRCLE is the circle of Inspiration and Vision. This is the place to get involved in Celebration, Singing & Chanting, Divine Music and Dance workshops and Creative Games. There is also the chance to meet practitioners from a variety of spiritual groups and maybe even go on a Shamanic Journey.


In the AIR CIRCLE you can discover healing on a group spiritual level. Throughout the day we have wall to wall Yoga or if you prefer there is a Dome offering Chi Gung and another offering Tai Chi & various Dynamic Oriental Practices are represented. For quiet contemplation there is the Meditation Yurt with workshops on offer at set times during the day.

Take time to sit in the quiet garden

      And if you are interested to find out about your karma (or lack of it) find The Soothsayers' Avenue, where you can get a Tarot, Astrological, Palm, Angel  or Rune reading.


EARTH and WATER CIRCLES are places to go if you wish an individual healing session. You'll find practitioners offering a wide range of Healing Arts, including massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, shiatsu, sacral cranial, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, counselling and more. Healing sessions will take place one of the three designated marquees near the centre of the field.

Healers also work from their own individual tents. In exchange for certain healings you will be asked to make a donation. Find out before the session starts or get advice from the Healers Info Tent.


Performances, Singing and Musicians Workshops can be seen and heard in the Acoustic Music Space. Come and join in the creativity and fun –   You will be welcome to perform by our Team musicians and the focaliser Brian Boothby.


As we complete the circle, last but not least at the entrance to the field is a Homeopathy Marquee and Herbalism Centre both offer a range of remedies.

      Throughout the field the emphasis is on healing. How we can expand our well-being, inner happiness and how by coming together we can help the world be a saner greener healthier place.



Within the peaceful atmosphere of the Healing Area, there is an exciting blend of healing arts and spiritual/therapeutic orientations as well as fiery celebrations and play. The area is designed as an elemental mandala of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Each of these circles express a distinct quality of healing which you can experience as you move through the field. Within each circle there is a beautiful garden and sacred space, and all workshops and events are free.

The Fire Circle is the circle of Inspiration and Vision. This is the place to come for Celebration and Dance, Troubadour Music and Creative Games. You’ll also find on-going yoga sessions and shamanic journeying.

In the Air Circle you can discover healing on a more spiritual level. Within the Chi Gung Bender and the Chanting Dome you can discover deep harmonies within yourself through the movement of you body or the opening of your voice. Meanwhile, you can find space for quiet contemplation in the Meditation Yurt. And if you want to find out about your astrology or get a tarot reading there is Soothsayers’ Avenue just below the Air Circle leading into the camping field.


The Earth and Water Circles are the places to go for individual healing sessions. You’ll find practitioners offering a wide range of Healing Arts, including massage, osteopathy, shiatsu, sacral cranial, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, counselling, reflexology and more. Healing sessions will take place either in three designated marquees or in individual healers’ tents. An exchange for services can be made through a negotiated donation. No one will be turned away.

Within the Earth Circle you can also learn about these different therapies in the Healing Arts Bender. Other features include the Body and Soul’s Sauna and Sacred Space, the Homeopathy Marquee and Herbalism Centre. The Travelling Homeopaths Collective was established in the summer of 1990 to provide the Homeopathic Clinic. This progressive charity is run by professional Homeopaths on a voluntary basis. Homeopathy is a safe and gentle therapy, which uses the energy of plants, minerals and other substances. It looks at the whole person, identifying the cause and matching this to a remedy. It can treat may ills, such as sunstroke, hay fever, asthma, colds, upset stomachs, constipation.


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