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Mandala Stage

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Wed 23rd

  Celtic Cowbois   22:00
  The Original Merkins   21:00
  Seize the Day   20:00
  Andrew Morris   19:00
  Dangerous Dinky   18:00
Thurs 24th Headliner Ruby Rouge Midsummer Caberet   02:00
  The Original Merkins   12:00
  Sheltering Tree   23:00
  MazaJ   21:00
  Nathan Ball   20:00
  Ichi   19:00
Wigsmith   18:00
6th Pyramids of SNAFU   17:00
4th Seize the Day   15:00
3rd     14:00
2nd Cygna   13:00
1st on Alison Hull   11:30
Fri 25th Headliner     02:00
  Bruise   12:00
  The Hand   23:00
  East Road   22:00
  The Original Merkins   21:00
  Celeste Lovick & Chris Ellis   20:00
  Ichi   19:00
Half Sisters   18:00
6th The Pyramids of SNAFU   17:00
4th Sugardrum   15:00
3rd Nine Bean Rows   14:00
2nd Heal the Last Stand   13:00
1st on Alison Hull   11:30
Sat 26th Headliner Ruby Rouge Midsummer Cabaret   02:00
  Dangerous Dinky   01:00
  Whimwise   12:00
  Ten Ton Tongue    22:00
  Tom Williams and The Boat   21:00
  Kev & Trev   20:00
  Chris Ellis   19:00
Harry's Tricks   18:00
6th The Pyramids of SNAFU   17:00
4th Nathan Ball   15:00
3rd Andrew Morris   14:00
2nd Flatworld   13:00
1st on Alison Hull   11:30
Sun 27th Headliner     02:00
  Dangerous Dinky   12:00
  Little Sister Blue   23:00
  Nik Turner Band   22:00
  Whimwise   21:00
  The Little Unsaid   19:00
Sugardrum   18:00
6th The Pyramids of SNAFU   17:00
4th Paul Celia   15:00
3rd Brooke Sharkey   14:00
2nd Andrew Morris   13:00
1st on Alison Hull   11:30


  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12:00   Alison Hull Alison Hull Alison Hull Sacred Earth - Music for Inner Peace
01:30   Oz Hardwick & Paul Coleman - The Mandala Poets Oz Hardwick & Paul Coleman - The Mandala Poets Oz Hardwick & Paul Coleman - The Mandala Poets Sugardrum
02:00   Sacred Earth - Music for Inner Peace The Pyramids The Pyramids The Pyramids
03:00   Wigsmith of SNAFU of SNAFU of SNAFU
04:00   Rachel Dadd Tribal Voices Co-operative Nine Bean Rows Tribal Voices Co-operative
05:00   Unity & Devision Mal Webb Little Ray Mark Robson & Friends
06:00 Alison Hull Nine Bean Rows Sean Taylor Whimwise Whimwise
07:00 Dangerous Dinky Sixpenny Wayke Sixpenny Wayke Sixpenny Wayke Monkeyrush
08:00 Bruise Sean Taylor The Hand Mal Webb East Road
09:00 The Hand Bruise Ichi The Kays - Old Time Country & Blues Revue  
10:00 Ichi The Original Smerkins The Original Smerkins Siobhan Shiels Quartet  
11:00 Tribal Voices Co-operative   Mark Black & The Roots Band Tribal Voices Co-operative  
12:00 The Original Smerkins   Morph Dangerous Dinky  






Doctor Barnett's Amazing Audio Solar Cyclonator



A 12 volt PA system powered by a tandem bike dynamo. This provides Safe Free Energy anywhere.

Designed and bult by Doc Barnett - Crewed by The Doc himself, Stu:Art, Goatoid and Dr M.

Total success has been achieved at many venues around the UK.

The references listed below give some examples of bike power systems.

The block diagram of the mechanics for the Cyclonator tandem is shown below. The alternator is shown bottom centre, marked A on the drawing, with an idler wheel, marked I, shown level with it but the other side of the rear wheel. 8mm polyurethane belting (Redthane belt from Wyco in Slough, an equivalent belt being also available from Bondaband) is used as drivebelt for both alternator and idler. The belt is heat welded to the required length, 2950mm in our case. Losses due to belt slipping are reduced by the high wrap factor by including the idler wheel. Note that lead sheeting added to the rear wheel as flywheel isn't shown on the drawing. The extra inertia due to this flywheel action makes starting the bike a lot easier.

I have CAD design files for the elaborate power control circuitry which efficiently controls the power being pedalled into the battery, but for simplicity I'd recommend anybody first trying this thing out to follow Nick Mercer's instruction sheets (see reference 2) for the initial electronic design. Only once the system is proved to be going would I suggest adapting it to include my control circuit.


It shouldn't be too difficult then to dismantle the alternator to remove its voltage regulator and provide access points with additional cables to the slip rings which supply controlled power to the field coil.

The advantage of my design is that my controller is primarily a switch mode power regulator in which the voltage trip level of 14.4V is used as an additional protection against overcharging, whereas as used in a car, the regulator has only the voltage regulation function and will load the engine (your legs) with several hundred Watts if it wants to, as it does when the battery voltage is anywhere below maximum. The range of output power when using my controller is 30 - 110 Watts output power. Although it's possible for one cyclist to generate this full power for short bursts, it's better to spread the load over two people powering one generator, hence the tandem design.

Cyclonator and PA at The Mandala Stage in the Green Futures Field, Glastonbury 2002. 5 Days of free sounds with loads of bands playing -



Tasmania from Japan performing on the Mandala Stage Glastonbury 2002. Beautiful.


ANOMIE using The Cyclonator system.

The Dome and cyclonator at Kingston Green Fair 2002

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