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Poetry and Words Tent

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Friends, roamers, festivalgoers! Lend your ears and wend your way wordwards to the Poetry&Words Tent, a Glastonbury tradition heard first in a yurt in 1992, nurtured fifteen years in the Green Futures Field, where it now blossoms into a non-stop performance platform for all manner of mouthy poets, from the emerging & exciting to the esteemed & established.


Poets are travelling here from Ireland, Scotland and all countries in between for an oral extravaganza introduced this year by legendary Stroud printer-poet Dennis Gould, who long ago inspired & accompanied Poetry&Words' behind-the-scenes guru PVT West, wandering Worthy Farm's fields together as Riff Raff Poets, creating audiences here and there and everywhere.





Adam Horovitz

A F Harrold

Aisle 16

Attila the Stockbroker

Baba Brinkman

Cat Kidd


Dzifa Benson

Emma McGordon

John Berkavitch

John Hegley

Joolz Denby

Kat Francois


Libby Houston

Melinda May Deathgoth

Michael Horovitz

Olumide Popoola

Pete Hunter

Sophia Blackwell

The Book Club




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