A new force has been let loose in Glastonbury Festivals’ legendary fringe; those iconic fields of cutting-edge nocturnal entertainment in the south east corner of the site operated recently by Lost Vagueness, prior to that the infamous Traveller’s Field and way back when, the Experimental Music Fields.

Stepping into these massive and muddy boots is Shangri-La. Brought to you by a new collaboration of the same subversive sub-culture that has reclaimed and re-invented these hallowed fields so many times before.

It is the next stage of evolution for this unique and enormous collection of artists from the UK’s creative underground and it is an unleashing of their new projects, fresh talents and bold ideas.

A new community interest company called The Rebel Alliance has been founded to support, promote and protect the many exceptional organisations and individual artists that comprise Shangri-La.

“We thank Michael Eavis, for the opportunity to create Glastonburys’ Shangri-La and we’re happy to be working across from our great friends at Trash City, who are part of the same family.  We’ll be bringing you a whole new interactive world to discover, with all the elements of surprise and edge that you’ve come to expect, but seriously enhanced by a whole new level of delight.” The Rebel Alliance

Stumble into the Slumbarave, or dip your toe in the Jacuzzi Lounge, lose yourself in Shackney, Club Dada and Bassline Circus. Hoe down at the Barn Stage or go for a nice pint of cider in the proper Pub.

Find the Secret Garden, re-find Phil's Diner and get an upgrade to The First Class Lounge, but I'd avoid the Boardwalk if you're of an overly sensitive disposition.

Join the homage to our travelling and free-party roots in Nomads Land, or a session round the Strummerville Campfire. Come & Play offers the chance for you to create your own earthy paradise or maybe you'll decide to drink vinyl instead of tea at The Gramophon Salon.

Raving in The Tilted Disco House' will make you feel like you're tripping even if you gave up that sort of thing years ago.

There's so much to discover in these fields, anything could happen. It’s a world of optimism, exoticism, escapism and a voyage of discovery in itself.



Shangri-la line-up


29 May 2009

We're very pleased to announce the full line-up details for this year's Shangri-la area. This year's broad theme in the area is is DYSCOTOPIA - they're creating a retro-futuristic citadel, a bladerunner inspired city of pleasures gone wrong: a mono-state of quarantined and enforced utopia.

Club Dada will feature the area's biggest bill, with a vast line-up of famous secret superstars and Volcano hot festival music from Gypsy to Ska to African Punk and beyond. Highlights include Damon Albarn's Africa Express Sound System, Hip Hop Brass, Johnny Flynn and Nathan Flutebox Lee.

Head over to the Shangri-la area of the site for more information on all their plans in the various venues. In the meantime, we'll whet your appetite with the full Club Dada line-up...


HOE DOWN - Folk Punk Ceilidh (5pm-12am)

Deathray Trebuchay


The Destroyers

Cut A Shine

Victor Menace!!r

Brothers Bab

Alejandro and Magic Tombolinos


FRIDAY FUNKSTERS (11.20pm-6am)

DJ Head Gardener

Warlords Of Pez

Blackberry Wood

The Dynamics

Suprise Superstar Guest

The Delegators


DJ Head Gardener

Dj Tall Will

Lazy Habits

Bobby Mcghees

Ruth Theodore

The Long Notes

Katy Carr





DJ Jason Mayall

Fat 45

DJ Jason Mayall

Africa Express Soundsystem

Aerial Act and Nathan FluteBox Lee

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Chicago)

No 1 Station

CLUB ATITUDE (2pm-11pm)

Killa  Dilla

Peyoti For President

Heavy Load

Jamie Renton (Chilli Fried)

Al Cool ands Stranger Wines

Spaceships Are Cool

DJ Chinaman



Jah Free and friends

Monty Casino


Kim Lone

Dj Lee


DJ Tofowski

Polka Madre

Les Fanfare Petard

Orkestra Del Sol

Trans Siberian March Band

Le Vagabond Boogaloo Club

(Line-up is listed with the act appearing last at the top of each bill)