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Speakers forum

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Green Futures Glastonbury Festival 2010

Speakers Forum Programme



Weds 23rd Headliner      
5th Stuart Mason - Stone Circle Design and Creation    
4th Autonopedia - Mik Fielding   17:30:00
3rd Practical Solar Panels Workshop - Bob Robarts   14:30:00
2nd Anti Bullying workshop Andy Hickson   13:00:00
1st on Steward training   11:00:00
  9th Circus to Iraq followed by Rubbish DJs   21:00:00
Thurs 24th 8th Poetry Slam   20:00:00
Sea Shepherd   19:00:00
6th Rosie Wild - Why I Became a New Age Traveller   17:30:00
5th Iain Hossack - Protest to Process'    16:00:00
4th Action Against Climate Change
3rd Susan Alexander - FFT. Grass Roots Groups and Funding Jargon    13:00:00
2nd Practical Solar Panels Workshop   10:00:00
1st on Yoga   08:30:00
Fri 25th Headliner      
Chris Church - 40 Years of Glastonbury   18:30:00
6th Shaun Chamberlain - Transition Timeline, for a local, resilient future.   17:15:00
5th Caroline Lucas - Green MP   16:00:00
4th Emily Eavis, Lucy Brooking-Clark , Alison tickell (Julies Bycycle) - The Greening of Glastonbury Festival   14:15:00
3rd Danny Chivers, - Radical Poetry   13:00:00
2nd Pip Hayes - Optimum Population   11:45:00
1st on Hugo Charlton Human Rights Barrister know your rights Q&A   10:30:00
Sat 26th 9th Ted Longman and Veronica Pasteur: Fairtrade Towns   20:00:00
Molly Scott Cato,Richard Lawson,Vince Cable TBC : Economics for the Planet   18:30:00
7th Ian Hossack -Sustainibility In The Stars   17:15:00
6th Aubrey Meyer    16:00:00
5th Bernadette Vallely : Women and Climate Change   15:15:00
4th Danny Chivers,Radical Poetry   14:15:00
3rd The Justin Rowlatt Debate with John Sauvan, Jenny Jones, Democracy and Climate Change   13:00:00
2nd Jess Gold - FOE Eco Musician   11:45:00
1st on Lucy Ford - Earth, Power, Knowledge- The Politics of Sustainibility   10:30:00
Sun 27th
7th Chris Black : Plotgate   18:30:00
6th Nick Clegg or Johan Hari   17:15:00
5th Michael Eavis    16:00:00
4th Tony Benn   14:15:00
3rd Jonathon Cainer   13:00:00
2nd Danny Chivers - Radical Poetry   11:45:00
1st on Action Aid - Anti Bullying Play   10:30:00




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