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The Sacred Space

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The Sacred Space

The festival takes place within the energy of one of Britain's most ancient and sacred sites - Glastonbury - which undoubtedly helps to create it's unique atmostphere. The King's Meadow, with it's star-aligned Stone Circle and ancient King Oak, is dedicated as a sacred space at the top of the site.


  It is the best place to watch the sunrise!





The Stone Circle is egg shaped to mirror the Signus star constellation. The stone at the tip signifies the swans neck and is pointed to the midsummer sunrise. Under each stone are significant items that represent the direction of which each faces. There are crystals from Stonehenge, water from the Ganges, stone from the Pyramids, healing herb and many, many other items of mystical and religious significance. While only completed in 1990 the Stone Circle feels as though it’s been there forever.

Here, around the Stone Circle, people gather in their hundreds with candle flares setting shadows dancing around the field, while drummers play their insistant rhythms through the night.  Watching dawn break over the festival site from the stone circle is magical - one of the 'must do' things for your first Glastonbury, in fact, for every Glastonbury. It is very uplifting.

Kings Meadow is also where you will find the Glastonbury Festival Peace Garden. Take time out from full on party mode to visit this special space offering chamomile seating amongst a riot of colour, and sit next to running water with all its healing negative ions. The Peace Garden offers you a chance to express peaceful wishes, thoughts, messages or drawings in the Glastonbury Festival Peace Book. It is an opportunity to do something positive, creative and let your thoughts flow for peace and harmony in our time. At dusk the garden is transformed into a magical space with the lighting of paper lanterns shaped to create the peace heart of Glastonbury Festival. Come and add to the enchantment. Find the peace within and send it out…



A delight awaits in the kings meadow(near the stone
A fire, a pool and shrines set within a garden of
tranquillity, fun and inspiration.
Walk the path of the tree of life and find
enlightenment or a paddle!

There will be a talk about the garden and a guided meditation. Friday and Saturday 5pm-6pm.


The Peace Dome in the Kings Meadow 
The Peace Dome is a beautiful, relaxing space for meditation, quiet reflection and prayer.  It is found in the King's Meadow sacred space field, near the stone circle.  The heart of the dome is the Hiroshima Peace Flame with it's extraordinary history.   It was first lit from the atomic fires of Hiroshima in 1945 and has been kept burning ever since as a powerful symbol of forgiveness, transformation and transcendence.   Passed from person to person all around the world, The Peace Flame has been burning in Glastonbury for 5 years now.
The Peace Dome is a unity space dedicated to the sacred in all things, working with sacred geometry and sound, and is open day and night throughout the Festival.  It is candle-lit every evening at dusk and we would like to invite you to come and light your own peace flame.  There will also be gentle acoustic music including crystal bowls and didgeridoo.
Please note that this is a quiet, alcohol and smoke-free space.  All are welcome.  Thank you.




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